Fashion photography & portfolio workshop.

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Dive into the essentials at our Fashion Photography and Portfolio Workshop in Havana Haus, located in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Perfect for those looking to step out of their comfort zone and into the world of fashion photography.

Fashion photography of woman wearing white linen, in black and white filter
Fashion photography of woman wearing scarf on her head, in black and white filter

Here's what you will learn

Studio Lighting Basics

Get hands-on with studio lights and learn how to create essential lighting setups for fashion and ecommerce shoots.

Essential Camera Settings & Lenses

Understand essential camera settings and know what lenses to choose for various fashion images.

Model Photoshoot

Directing and working with a professional model

Get hands-on tips on directing and building a rapport with models so you get the best shots.

Model Photoshoot

Know how much you can charge

This is our number one question and frustration in the photography industry! Understand your worth and set rates that reflect it.

How to build your portfolio

Receive guidance and industry experience on building a portfolio that showcases your unique style, and positions you strongly when it comes to gaining new clients.

How to pitch to and obtain clients

Nail those pitches and win over potential clients with our easy to use, and fully customisable pitch deck template, and receive guidance on what to include in your pitch deck before you start drafting the email.

How to brand and market your business and move into the fashion photography niche

Discover the hot sauce when it comes to strategies to brand and market your business and stand out in the industry. We will give you insights into what we believe you should invest in, as a step by step approach to building a successful photography business.

Production and post production workflow

Streamline your workflow from shoot production to final edit as you uncover efficient production processes and masterful post-production techniques to enhance your images to perfection. You will also receive five fashion presets to get you started on your editing journey.

Building up your business so you can turn your hobby into a full time career

You don’t have to be stuck in a job you hate! Receive personalised guidance on curating a standout portfolio that showcases your distinctive style and strengths, while also gaining invaluable insights into building and growing a successful fashion photography business so you can do more of what you love each day.

Ticket sales are strictly limited. $1,200 per person.

Sold Out
We are bringing you another amazing workshop soon, sit tight and keep an eye on your email.

Why choose our workshop

Total Workshop Value $4,000.

You will receive over 8 years of invaluable industry experience from Chloe Hutchison, a photographer who has worked with global fashion brands and has built two successful photography businesses including the already iconic, Havana Haus.

Photography session with professional models, stylist and H&MU artists
Models and creative teams are expensive to invest in when it comes to building up your portfolio, so let us take this off your hands and deliver you an amazing crew to level up your portfolio even further.

Imagery to build your fashion portfolio and level up your website and social media
You will have the freedom to choose the images you would like to use in your pitch deck, portfolio, website, and social media with the option to freshen it up with the imagery you capture on the day.

A customisable pitch deck template
You don’t have to be a graphic designer and you don’t have to hire one to create a pitch deck when we have a stunning template ready to go for you, including all of the essential points for you to cover and customise to each potential client.

Five fashion presets for Lightroom
Colour grading can be tricky, especially when you’re finding your feet in a new niche which is why we are giving you a head start with five of our favourite fashion photography presets, for both studio and outdoors.

Community and Networking
Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about fashion photography, fostering invaluable relationships, and potential collaborations that could shape your career.

Inspiring Location
Located five minutes from the beach, Havana Haus provides the perfect blend of inspiration and tranquillity to ignite your creativity. You will have an abundance of background options, styles, and versatility to work with in the studio.

Invest in Your Future
Whether you’re a budding photographer looking to turn your passion into a profession or an established professional seeking to refine your skills and expand your business, our workshop equips you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the competitive world of fashion photography.

What you will need

Your own camera and lens/lenses.

Your own SD card or tether cables, hard drive and laptop.

Transportation to and from Havana Haus.

A willingness to learn and create with confidence.

Chloe Hutchison

Meet Chloe Hutchison

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Chloe has always loved photography, and at the age of 18 she developed 35mm film for a Kodak store and was introduced to her first DSLR camera which was the catalyst for the career she has now.

Fast forward to today, where Chloe has studied a Bachelor of Film, started a photography and filmmaking business, built an iconic and one-of-a-kind photography studio and production house, worked as a videographer and editor within a world-wide media company, and has photographed, filmed, and directed on a consistent basis for global fashion brands such as Roxy, Billabong, Wrangler, and many more.

As well as working with global brands and travelling for work, Chloe also gets the opportunity to work with smaller fashion labels, where she is able to use her years of experience and style to cultivate beautiful imagery that tells each brand’s unique story.

Chloe has had her photography published globally, her short films displayed in stores, has been invited to speak on panels and podcasts talking all things photography and business, she has had her studio Havana Haus featured in multiple magazines, and has built up a successful photography business where she can now help others do the same through her bespoke workshops such as this one.

Spaces for this workshop are limited, are you in?

“Life is too short, it is time to try the things you have always wanted to do. Get outside of your comfort zone and learn new skills, network with other photographers, and finally choose your own desires by investing in you and your photography business”



8:00am: Arrive at Havana Haus, coffee + meet and greet.

8:30am: Overview of the day, goal setting and getting clear on what you want out of the workshop.

9:00am: Theory of camera gear, settings, essential lighting equipment, styles of fashion photography.

10:30am: Business chat part 1.

12:00pm: Catered lunch and networking.

1:00pm: Business chat part 2 with Q&A.

2:30pm: Model meet and greet, overview of etiquette and warm up shoot.

3:00pm: Pair off into groups for the first photoshoot session, guided by professional photographers.

4:00pm: Swap groups and commence the second photoshoot session guided by professional photographers.

5:00pm: Recap of the day with a Q&A.

6:00pm: It’s a wrap!

Sold Out

We are bringing you another amazing workshop soon!

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