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Based in Coolum Beach

Welcome to Haus

Havana Haus is available for photoshoots, video productions, podcast productions, workshops, events, office and co-working spaces, and other creative projects.

Havana Haus is the Sunshine Coast’s elite photography studio and production house located five minutes from the ocean in Coolum Beach. Our versatile space covers all of your photoshoot and production needs with our natural light studio, our cyclorama, in-house photography, videography, production, and styling services, deluxe mezzanine with acoustic panelled podcast room, private office, large open workspace and other separate creative spaces.

In-house photography and videography services available.

Book our photographer and videographer and get your studio hire included in your package.

The Space

Havana Haus is a unique and all-inclusive studio that offers limitless opportunities for creatives. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to do it all, and we have designed our studio with this in mind.

Downstairs is comprised of our thoughtfully designed photography and videography studios, including The Island which is our natural light studio and The Shell which is our cyclorama studio, both fitted out with professional lighting equipment, props, chairs, backdrops and more, and both fully customisable to your needs.

Upstairs hosts our podcast studio which converts into a gorgeous lounge suite, a private office, and a creative’s table perfect for editing, hosting workshops, group meetings, or mood boarding before your next shoot. 

Havana Haus Brand Shape
Havana Haus photo studio

Natural Light Studio

The Island

The Island boasts large custom made windows that allow the soft, diffused light of the sun to pour in, and also delivers creative shadow play during our golden hour times. We offer an array of backdrops including our concrete walls and floor, our large neutral coloured wall and floor, custom built and moveable arch and niche feature walls, a variety of coloured rolling A-frames for versatile and easy-to-move backgrounds, paper rolls and large heavy duty stands for optimum height, and not to mention our exquisite staircase waiting for you to utilise its beauty. Your booking also allows access to our props station which includes an abundance of designer lounge and arm chairs, stools, vases, coffee table books, plinths and more. Don’t forget to take a break on your shoot and chill out in the comfort of our air con with endless coffee, herbal teas, and fresh filtered water to get you through.
Havana Haus photo cyclorama

Artificial Light Studio

The Shell

The Shell is our cyclorama, a captivating curved white backdrop, providing a seamless and infinite space to capture artistic imagery. It comes equipped with adjustable lighting options and modifiers, enabling photographers to create the perfect ambiance and desired effects for their shoots. Our cyclorama is flexible, making it ideal for various types of photography such as fashion, product, portrait, and ecommerce shoots. Your booking will also give you access to our props station, chairs, seating area and more.
Podcast Studio

Sound Engineered Room

Podcast & Production

Our purpose-built podcast studio is equipped with top-notch acoustic panelling, ensuring pristine sound quality for your podcasts. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting your journey, we’ve got you covered! Step into our air-conditioned studio and experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our acoustic panelling minimises external noise, providing a serene environment for you to express your ideas and engage your audience seamlessly. We offer comprehensive production and post-production services upon request.
Havana Haus private office

Private Office

Upstairs Office

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business professional, our private air-conditioned office is the perfect choice for maximising efficiency and leaving a lasting impression on your clients. Embrace a seamless and distraction-free work experience in our thoughtfully curated private office, complete with modern amenities and stylish furnishings. Designed with your convenience in mind, this upscale space is perfect for individuals seeking a focused atmosphere for editing, collaborating on virtual platforms like Zoom, or conducting one-on-one meetings with esteemed clients. Let productivity thrive as you enjoy the utmost privacy and comfort that this exclusive space provides.
Havana Haus upstairs workspace

Work & Hangout

Upstairs Workspace & Hangout

A vibrant and versatile space designed to inspire creativity and foster a sense of community with other creatives alike. From high-speed internet to ergonomic seating, you can comfortably dive into your projects and accomplish your goals with ease. Natural light floods the area, enhancing productivity and lifting spirits, while the serene ambiance helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the day. Whether you’re a remote worker seeking a change of scenery, a team looking for an inspiring meeting spot, or a group of friends in need of a laid-back gathering place, our workspace and hangout area has you covered. When not in use, our large table and chairs adorned with stunning curtains, travertine console table, cozy nook with chair and side table as well as our archways is the perfect photoshoot space for professional and personal brand imagery, filming, and other creative content. Inquire into our upstairs hire to know more.
Ecommerce Photoshoot


Photography & Studio Hire Packages

We offer one hour, two-hour, half-day, and full-day photography and studio hire packages with our photographer and founder Chloe Hutchison. With over a decade of experience working on global campaigns and productions, Chloe specialises in fashion, branding and editorial photography.


Hire one space or all of them

Every creative’s needs are different, which is why we offer exceptional versatility under one roof. You can hire each section of Havana Haus separately, or hire out the entire studio. You also have the ability to bring your own team & equipment or utilise our in-house creative team to take care of everything for your next photoshoot, film production, podcast, or other creative projects. 



We understand that you may just need to be in Haus for a quick shoot, a folio update, a podcast recording, content creation, or just a space to chill for a few hours to get all the editing you have put off finally done.

We know how it is… we’ve got you.

Half Day Booking

With the half-day booking, you have access to the hired space of your choice for a total of 4 hours, as well as the gear and props included in your booking.             

This amount of time is typically ideal for small-to-medium sized projects.

Full Day Booking​

Full-day booking gives you more flexibility, less stress, and the option of an early start or late wrap. You will have access to your hired space for a total of 8 hours, as well as the gear and props included in your booking.


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With multiple services and studio spaces under one roof, Havana Haus offers everything you could need as a photographer, videographer, podcaster, business owner or content creator.